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Welcome to the Old Catholic Church of New Utrecht

Message from Bishop Richard Sebastian Riccardi:

Our branch of the Old Catholic Church is an Apostolic Catholic church that while not under Roman authority enjoys a true Apostolic Succession and a valid Eucharist.  (ref. Vatican Web site, “Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith, Declaration, ‘Dominus Iesus’ Chapter IV #17.”)

The secular world as we know it today is a world filled with strife and conflict.  There was a time when we could always find comfort in our local parish church.  While that is still may be the case, for decades it has been sadly noted that this comfort is only available to certain members, not all.

Because of the serious issues that face the church today, many thousands of the faithful have defected to other denominations or are no longer attending mass.  Catholics by the thousands are continually being denied the sacraments of their faith for a variety of reasons.  For thousands of the faithful, the Eucharist is no longer available to them.  In essence, they have been denied the privilege of receiving Christ.  One must wonder what Jesus would have to say about that. Whatever the reason, we declare all of those reasons to be invalid because Jesus would never turn anyone away, and neither will we.

Our bishops and priests are answerable to the faithful.  We are a small and very humble Catholic Church, our priests, both men and women, and our bishops just like Jesus and His disciples, serve without pay.

Believing that God loves us all “equally” we lovingly welcome all baptized Christians, regardless of denomination or church affiliation to worship with us as full partners in Christ’s love, which includes reception of the Eucharist.

Divorce, birth control, sexuality to name a few; are non issues for us.  Some things are better left between God and the faithful and we should not interfere.

We stand firm in our belief that both men and women, married and unmarried, if called to ministry and properly educated, should be eligible to serve God’s people as deacons, priests and bishops.

For those former priests, deacons, nuns, and brothers wishing to become active in ministry again please speak to us about incardination.

Without judgment, we invite you to “reclaim your faith,” please join us, we and the Lord Jesus will be glad that you’ve returned home.

Serving you through Christ Jesus,